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C&L Produce is a local family owned and operated wholesale produce business established in 1949.  We provide restaurant produce delivery to Oakland, San Francisco and the greater Bay Area.  We are located in the downtown Oakland produce market neighboring Jack London Square. As a matter of fact, C & L Produce has been in operation out of this downtown Oakland location for over sixty-eight years – that’s three generations!

Here at C & L Produce, we provide the highest quality fruits and vegetables, along with a variety of other food service items year-round. Please check our Fresh Produce page for more details about produce products and please call us for more information.

Utilizing C & L for your produce needs has several unique benefits. What truly sets us apart from our produce competitors is the individualized service you receive as our customer. Our hardworking personnel reflect what a family business is all about. Because of this, many of our employees have been with our company for over ten years! This shows how committed we are to maintaining a positive, professional environment for ourselves and for our customers.

Ultimately, we work hard to provide premium local produce at competitive prices with the finest service available.

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What’s in Season?

Stinging nettles have hit the market and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Thriving best in cold, damp weather, this delicate green tastes like a cross between spinach and cucumber. These nutrient dense greens lose their “sting” once cooked or pureed, so don’t be afraid to add nettles to a pesto or atop a seasonal pizza. Another new coming to us is green garlic from Knoll Farms in Brentwood. This item is a perfect choice to add a delicate garlicky flavor to any seasonal dish. Also noteworthy, local organic Meyer lemons and organic mixed chicory blends from Coke farms are still available!

Have you ever ventured to try sunchokes? This root vegetable has a taste and texture similar to potatoes and tastes best roasted, mashed or twice baked! Unlike potatoes, however, sunchokes may be eaten raw. Their earthy flavor tastes great sliced thin a top a salad for a crispy bite.

Kale and chards sure are flourishing in this brisk weather. Of course green kale is great, but there are a few other interesting varieties such as dyno kale and red bore kale– great for a pop of color. Green and red Swiss chard are also coming in packed with flavor, but the rainbow chard perhaps takes the cake. The vibrant colors of these stalks are simply exceptional.

Processed Fruits and Vegetables

Need your fruits or vegetables diced or sliced but don’t seem to have the time? Let C & L Produce take care of it for you! We can prepare your food items and deliver to your restaurant ready to use. For instance, popular fresh items we process the morning of your produce delivery include onions, lettuces, mushrooms, carrots, celery, and much more.

Specialty Items

Not only do we offer a wide array of fresh fruits and vegetables here at C & L Produce, but also useful fresh food service items such as cheese, eggs, butter, milk products, nuts, freshly squeezed juices, and tortillas for your convenience. Check out our Specialty Items section towards the bottom of the Fresh Produce page for more details on what we have to offer!

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