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C&L Produce is a local family owned and operated wholesale produce company located in the well known Oakland produce market near Jack London Square, and has been a part of this historic produce market since operations began in 1949. Yes, this means we have been delivering fresh produce to the greater Bay Area for over 70 years! We provide the highest quality fruits and vegetables, along with a variety of other food service items such as dairy, artisan cheeses, tortillas, fresh juice, spices, grains, vinegar, micro greens and much more. Taking pride in our quality and service has allowed for three generations of superior family-operated services to benefit our Bay Area community.

Utilizing C & L for your produce needs has several unique benefits, including custom cuts of fruits and vegetables, seasonal education through our produce reports, and individualized service. We continually strive to build lasting relationships with our customers by providing premium local produce at great prices with the best service available. Contact us today to learn more about what C & L can do for you!

What’s in Season?

April showers are finally coming to end, and with that comes the first of the beautiful Oregon field grown rhubarb coming down to us this week. They will be colorful, long, firm stalks ready for all your spring menu dishes-both sweet and savory. Also, berries are just starting locally which means green strawberries are out for pickling.

Local Organic Asparagus coming from Durst Organic Growers are coming in a perfect medium size great for peeling and grilling or even poaching and of course served with a healthy mix of local wild foraged mushrooms!

Green almonds are also showing up in the markets. These are young almonds with a fuzzy light green shell with an off-white gelatinous center. Shaved on a mandolin thinly, they add a sweet lemony, nutty flavor and great texture to all types of dishes like crudo or seasonal salads. Pair these up with some pickled fiddlehead ferns tossed with grilled castelfranco, endive and escarole and a Meyer lemon rhubarb vinaigrette for a wonderful seasonal salad.

Ramps, also known as wild leeks, will be here in a week or so. Some are being picked in the Midwest right now, but our source says she will wait until about mid April to allow for them to be the right size and flavor and also a better price. So be patient, as they are coming!

Spring garlic and spring onions (both red and white) are continuing to run strong from Knoll, Coke and Happy Boy Farms.

The rain has slowed down the actual growth of the local English pea, snap pea and fava bean season. We are being told it will be about the end of April until we will see these local goods coming out of Watsonville.

However, fava leaves, pea tendrils and Stinging Nettles are abundant. Both of these delicate greens puree up really great for different types of pesto for pasta and risotto.

For those of you who are interested in white asparagus, we have some coming in from France. These are about 3 to 4 pieces per lb and are not cheap…about $18 a lb. This is a pre-ordered item, more details will be sent out with next week’s mushroom offering with prices.

In the world of locally foraged gifts from mother nature, we are seeing…

Yellow Foot
Black Trumpets
Miner’s lettuce

Specialty Items

Not only do we offer a wide array of fresh fruits and vegetables here at C & L Produce, but also useful fresh food service items such as milk products, cheese, eggs, butter, nuts, legumes, grains, freshly squeezed juices, and tortillas for your convenience. Check out our Specialty Items section towards the bottom of the Fresh Produce page for more details on what we have to offer!

Processed Fruits and Vegetables

Need your fruits or vegetables diced or sliced but don’t seem to have the time? Let C & L Produce take care of it for you! We can prepare your food items and deliver to your restaurant ready to use. For instance, popular fresh items we process include onions, lettuces, fruit salads, carrots, celery, and much more.