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C&L Produce is a local family owned and operated wholesale produce business established in 1949.  We provide restaurant produce delivery to Oakland, San Francisco and the greater Bay Area.  We are located in the downtown Oakland produce market neighboring Jack London Square. As a matter of fact, C & L Produce has been in operation out of this downtown Oakland location for over sixty-nine years – that’s three generations!

Here at C & L Produce, we provide the highest quality fruits and vegetables, organic and conventional, along with a variety of other food service items year-round. We have an extensive dairy and cheese program, as well as other specialty items such as micro greens, ground spices, vinegar, legumes, and grains. Please check our Fresh Produce page for more details about our produce and specialty products. Please call us for more information!

Utilizing C & L for your produce needs has several unique benefits. What truly sets us apart from our produce competitors is the individualized service you receive as our customer. Our hardworking personnel reflect what a family business is all about. Because of this, many of our employees have been with our company for over ten years! This shows how committed we are to maintaining a positive, professional environment for ourselves and for our customers.

Ultimately, we work hard to provide premium local produce at competitive prices with the finest service available.

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What’s in Season?

January’s best locally grown produce from Coke Farms, Happy Boy Farms, River Dog Farms, Full Belly, Dwelley and Knoll farms, Terra Firma to name a few include:

Spring garlic– also known as young garlic. This product has a mild yet delicious garlic flavor. Great for vinaigrettes, braising with meats, grilling, to go on a pizza or simply sautéed with some chilis and clams. Cut the green tops and use them to flavor all your stocks!

Chicories– we have Treviso, radicchio, escarole, castle franco, frisse. All great by themselves, or you can order a case of house prepped and mixed chicories to braise altogether to accompany your favorite protein or vegetable dish.

Under the umbrella of the more commonly used broccoli we have Broccoli di Ciccio, Broccolini, and Broccoli Rabe, which add a little more texture and flavor than the traditional broccoli crowns. Perfect for sautéing, blanching and braising.

Root vegetables like celery root, sunchokes, parsnips, turnips and kohlrabi deserve center of the plate attention at this time of year.

We have leeks, beets and assorted radishes all harvested locally and brought to you fresh every day.

For the Citrus World in January…

Oro Blanco Grapefruit– a white seedless slightly sweeter cousin of the more traditional ruby red grapefruit

Meyer Lemons- delicious balance of sweet and mild tartness, perfect for vinaigrettes, sorbets or just cut and grill

Blood Oranges– the segments with their beautiful red color belong on your winter salads

Satsuma Tangerines– seedless, loose skins make these little gems fun to eat

Cara cara oranges– A red fleshed navel orange, bright with color and layers if flavor

Finger limes– citrus caviar, perfect compliment to all you seafood preparations

Page mandarins– a cross between a clementine and a tangelo, probably the sweetest mandarin out there

Other Seasonal Fruit


Cactus Pears


Honey crisp Apples

Pink Lady Apples

Pears- Bosc, Anjou. Asian

Wild Mushrooms Locally Foraged Following the rains are plentiful…



White Chanterelles

Yellow Foot

Black Trumpets


Call for pricing and availability

Specialty Items

Not only do we offer a wide array of fresh fruits and vegetables here at C & L Produce, but also useful fresh food service items such as milk products, cheese, eggs, butter, nuts, legumes, grains, freshly squeezed juices, and tortillas for your convenience. Check out our Specialty Items section towards the bottom of the Fresh Produce page for more details on what we have to offer!

Processed Fruits and Vegetables

Need your fruits or vegetables diced or sliced but don’t seem to have the time? Let C & L Produce take care of it for you! We can prepare your food items and deliver to your restaurant ready to use. For instance, popular fresh items we process include onions, lettuces, fruit salads, carrots, celery, and much more.

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