Lemon cucumbers are here from Coke Farms, and they are a fantastic burst of sunshine. Paired with or substituted for English or regular cucumber, these bright full flavored wonders provide a cravingly crispy crunch.

Riverdog Farms is providing us fantastic mixed melon cases this week. 30# boxes filled with a great mix of Gailia, Musk, Sensation, Yellow Canary, Sugar Cube, and Sharlyn! All of these varieties can be pre ordered as straight packs as well! 

Early girl and heirloom tomatoes are still in good supply. We also have an overripe option this week for sauces! Please help us find a home for these tomatoes that have struggled to keep their composure this past week with the high heat, and are no longer useful for slicing applications. Sweet 100 and sungold cherry tomatoes are a highlight of this week as well. Full vine ripened flavors picked at their peak. Mixed cherry tomatoes are sure beautiful too, perfect pops of color. Surely an exceptional blend of tomato options this week from Coke farms. 

Squash blossoms have been enjoying the summer sunshine as well. Coming in freshly cut multiple times a week, we are able to keep them in stock, preorder not required. Make sure you get blossoms on your menus while summer is here! 

Berries are finally catching up. It has been a strange berry year with unreliable sizing and supply, strange for this time of year, but finally we are seeing both flavor and supply improve this past week. Local raspberries from Sun Valley Farms in Monterey are in the cooler and quality and cost is great! 

Figs from Knoll Farms are back, season is fleeting so be sure to grab them while they’re here!