CALIFORNIA GROWN PRODUCTS: Local coastal grown snap peas, fava beans and English peas are all rich in flavor at the moment! Also thriving on the California coast are artichokes. Coke Farms has been sending in some beautiful 30 ct and baby loose sizes. Yes, you read the above correctly- green garlic and spring onions are just about finished. It was a great year for both these items and we hope you enjoyed them! Berries are going strong in Watsonville and we are starting to taste some really full flavored strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. Color is looking good. Stem berries are also coming in daily for your special needs. As we soon will move into warmer, longer, sunshine filled days- the berries will really take off.  

TOP QUALITY HIGHLIGHTS: Baby cauliflower is back in stock as well as locally sourced broccolini. These California crops are great vegetable options for the season. Local asparagus makes one final appearance this week. We got a fresh crop this morning and are hearing that this might be its last call. Man, that went fast! We are starting to see Washington asparagus crops at the market which always means our local harvests will be ending soon. Pea sprouts and pea tendrils are in the house! They add major flavor, texture, and interest to all spring forward dishes.

NEW IN STOCK: Organic grape cherry tomatoes are in from Del Cabo and are a great value. They not only are a great price, but they also have the best flavor across the market for a cherry tomato. We will be using them until the local crops are harvested. Corn from the Coachella Valley is all over the market. Size and flavor of the ears is good. We are still approximately four weeks away from the unmatched Brentwood harvests. California cucumbers, globe eggplant, bell peppers and squash have all started as well- looking and tasting great. We will start to see local heirloom eggplants in the next coming weeks!

ITEMS TO WATCH: The lime market is finally showing relief in supply and prices are dropping. Fruit is good size and has great juice content. The market should hold the current pricing as supply will be strong for the next few weeks. Red and Yukon potatoes are in between harvest areas and supply has been affected. The California crops are being harvested and packed now, and will see supply get better and quality improve within the next two weeks.

DEAL ALERTS: Organic black lentils @ $2.24 per pound and Red flint polenta @ $3.84 per pound. Both products are in 25# sacs in stock and ready for your next order! Call for samples if needed.

DAIRY NOTES: We have IN STOCK and ready for your next order unsalted butter 30-1# blocks @ $3.47 per pound per case. Be sure to take advantage of this great product available for your daily delivery. The unsalted butter is also available by 1# blocks.

Thank you for your business! Any questions or sample requests please direct them to the office!

(510) 893-9010