March 31, 2021

CALIFORNIA GROWN PRODUCTS: Stinging nettles were sure a hit last week and are continuing to arrive beautifully from our friends at Knoll Farms in Brentwood! We do ask this item be preordered at least one day before delivery to ensure we have it available. We are now experiencing the transition from red to white spring onions. We will have a stronger supply of the white spring onions later this week.

TOP QUALITY HIGHLIGHTS: Artichokes have been in good supply across all sizing last week and we look forward for that to continue into the next few weeks to come. Asparagus is SO great right now, great color and rich flavor- it is a serious must use product at the moment!

ITEMS TO WATCH: Limes continue to be an issue. Our suppliers are forecasting that in about a week or two more supply will be coming across the border, which will alleviate the market and pricing should normalize.

DEAL ALERTS: Aside from limes, all markets are holding steady pricing with strong product quality. There does not seem to be any strong pushes to sell products for this week, no extreme deals to report.

WILD FORAGED MUSHROOMS– We were able to source a small supply of hedgehogs ready for Friday deliveries. It’s a small amount so please get your orders in before we sell out!