Brentwood White Corn

Sweet white corn from our favorite Brentwood farm has arrived! The color is a beautiful creamy white, size is fantastic, and taste as fresh as can be. Simply nothing beats freshly cut Brentwood corn, which we are picking up direct from the farm. We are stocking the

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Baby Loose Artichokes

The spring favorite baby artichokes are here, so don’t miss out! Their petite size comes from being picked from the lower part of the plant. Baby artichokes are also easy to prepare, cook and eat because they haven’t developed the fuzzy portion of the choke in the center.

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Avocado Prices Soar (Again)


Unfortunately, avocado prices have taken a record jump this past week, prices jumping almost 35% in a single day- the biggest increase since 2009.  Michael Hirtzer from Bloomberg writes “Mexican avocado prices spiked as importers boosted purchases ahead of any potential border issues as Trump has threatened

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Local Farm Availability, October 12

Listed by farm, check out what’s available: Happy Boy Farms HEIRLOOM TOMATOES will be around for about another month, barring any rain or drop in temperatures. They have both number ones for your gorgeous plates and 30 pound totes for your sauces. EARLY GIRL TOMATOES JIMMY NARDELLO PEPPERS

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Avocado Prices Skyrocket


Avocado prices have increased incredibly over these past few weeks due to staggeringly low availability. The California crops have finished earlier than expected. The heatwave in California back in July damaged budding fruit on the trees, lessening the harvest substantially. This low supply leaves us in a

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