Price Watch- Celery


Celery has experienced a high price increase in recent days. Supply is short and there are issues with quality. The celery crops from Yuma, CA are finished and harvested, and the grow areas in Oxnard are behind schedule. Cauliflower is experiencing a similar situation with a gap

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Local Strawberries

Great news… California strawberries are back! The first shipment we received are red, juicy, and bursting with that sweet summer flavor. Expect to see many more items soon to be returning to California farms as well. Stay tuned for more local produce updates!

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Leaf Lettuce

Leaf lettuce is still experiencing an enormous gap in supply, which means prices are remaining high. The farms expect this situation to remain until the end of April until more product can be harvested. This includes romaine, romaine hearts, and green leaf lettuce.

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Price Watch- Lettuce

Romaine Lettuce

Leafed lettuce such as romaine, romaine hearts, iceberg lettuce, and green leaf lettuce are all high in price currently. Grow areas are transitioning back to California from Arizona, but it has not been so smooth. Arizona experienced some extreme heat, over 100 degree weather, burning what crop was

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Spring Garlic

green garlic

Green garlic, also known as spring garlic, is flowing in and looking fantastic! It is called green/ spring because the garlic bulb is pulled from the ground right before the bulb splits into cloves (usually happens in spring). The milder, less intense flavor of this garlic variety

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Petite Lucky Shamrocks!

We have a great special item for St. Patrick’s Day… edible shamrocks!! These 3, 4, and 5 leafed shamrocks would look great garnishing any dish or cocktail, atop meat or poultry, as an interesting addition to a salad, or as a beautiful bed for seafood. Surprise your

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Price Update- Avocados


Prices have been climbing up in recent days for all sizes of avocados. The Mexican supply is dwindling, and we will be transitioning to a California crop around the beginning of March. As usual, with a gap in supply, prices get driven up. In addition, supply for the

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Super Bowl Price Hikes!

Lime and avocado markets are both struggling currently with a spike in demand for this weekend’s Super Bowl. Suppliers have taken their truck loads out to the east coast, and the west coast is left with the remainder. We expect both these markets to come down after

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Price Watch- Green Onions, Berries

Green Onion

Green onions are experiencing a gap in supply currently. With less product to supply the high demand of this commonly used item, prices get driven up. Also, bush-berries are experiencing a limited harvest from the wet, cold weather that has been hitting our area. Strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries are

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Price Watch- Strawberries

The price of strawberries has took quite a jump this past week. The heavy rains we recently experienced coupled with the colder weather make it a difficult time for this summertime fruit. The increased cold weather pricing of strawberries is due to hold until the springtime. We

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