COUNTLESS beautiful late spring/ early summer items flowing in! Read on to find out what to look forward to this week- Brentwood corn, stone fruits, local summer squash, local tomatoes and more!

Peaches and Nectarines: Both yellow and white varieties are now available, finally with the superb quality and flavor we expect!

Pluots: This week, pluots are topping the flavor charts with their exceptional sweet and tart taste, perfect both raw and cooked.

Apricots: Organically grown apricots will be available this weekend, promising superior flavor and quality over any conventional options!

Brentwood Corn: You’ve been asking, and finally we have just picked up our first batch of Brentwood corn for the season! This gorgeous white corn, known for its delightfully sweet taste and hearty crunch, is now available. Be sure to enjoy it while it’s here! Yellow is now available as well.

Local Tomatoes: We are thrilled to report an update on local tomatoes:

Cherry Tomatoes: Small-size cherry tomatoes are just starting to appear. We have a limited supply of round cherry tomatoes and Sungolds. More varieties expected to start this weekend, including mixed medley cherry tomatoes.

Early Girl Tomatoes: Available in small amounts starting Friday!

Heirloom Tomatoes: The first picks of Lemon Boys and Tie Dyes are available in very limited quantities starting today. Expect more fruit over the weekend and into next week.

Black Mission Figs: The season is underway, and the fruit is excellent. Season is fleeting, so try them now while they’re around!

Cherries: Cherry season is in full swing with plentiful, high-quality fruit. We have both large, uniform cherries and more affordable options like splits and doubles, all with great flavor.

Local Summer Squash: The season is just starting, with organic mixed variety boxes from Coke Farms now available. These boxes contain a blend of five different squash varieties, all organically grown and offering some of the best-tasting and looking soft squashes around.