California Grown Products: Drum roll please…. DURST ORGANIC GROWERS ASPARAGUS WILL BE IN HOUSE FOR THURSDAY’S DELIVERIES! Spring always gets us absolutely sprung on this California asparagus; there is something so special about what they are pulling out of the ground up in Esparto, CA.  Other local products that are sharing the limelight include green/ spring garlic, stinging nettles, fava greens, as well as some fantastic looking baby bunched carrots. Be sure to try them all while they’re here! HhIn addition, we have gotten a great shipment of California grown strawberries, looking forward to many, many, many more loads of those!

Top Quality Highlights: The super foods of the veggie world- cruciferous vegetables! We have an absolutely beautiful rainbow chard in house, the colors are mesmerizing. The green chard also brings a beautiful color punch to the table with its saturated dark green leaves; you can just SEE the flavor is on point. Collard greens and kales are also looking fantastic, great color and feel. Black and purple ninja radishes are back in stock as well. Color does make everything better! Beautiful red spring onions are finally rolling through our dock doors, just begging to be kissed by your grills. Kumquats and Meyer lemons still hanging around and tasting great, let’s soak it up while we still can!

New in Stock: Our spotlight is shining bright on new item Cauliflower Florentino, or sweet baby cauliflower. We have gotten incredible feedback from our guinea pigs, the chefs love it! It’s a perfect pop of something new and interesting for your menus. We also have baby gold and baby red beets coming from local vendors; the sweetness of these is spot on. Other new items now in stock are fava beans and English peas from Mexico. Spring is surely beginning to prove its bounty. Lastly, we have been sourcing Oakland’s own Hodo Foods soy milks by the gallon. Known more for their organic tofu, their quality soymilk is a welcomed addition to our offerings.

Items to Watch: LETTUCE including leaf lettuce, romaine, romaine hearts, and iceberg are all experiencing major market spikes at the moment. Poor weather patterns have slowed the growth of these lettuces and supply quality is fair at best. Transportation continues to be a struggle with both availability and transportation costs. Artisanal Cheese Spotlight: Double 8 Dairy from Petaluma has been sending us an insanely fresh Jersey Cow mozzarella, it’s simply incredible. Think you’ve had one fresh mozzarella you’ve had them all? THINK AGAIN! Most commercial cheese producers source from many farms, thus the variations in milk from cow breeds and diets will often be smoothed out, undetectable, and less significant when made on a larger scale. For Double 8 Dairy, just one herd’s milk is used to make this cheese. The breed of Jersey Cows has been selected by Double 8 Dairy to create their unique, rich flavor. Call us to request samples!