A great array of fruits and vegetables are being harvested locally. The challenging weather conditions of last week made it difficult for crews to work as well as directly damaging the fruits that were ready for picking. With the demand still high, the market was filled with under ripe fruit as we saw last week. With more supply coming down as relief over the weekend, we foresee to have solid inventory of these items until colder weather and shorter days come.

CALIFORNIA GROWN PRODUCTS: Lemon cucumber as well as painted serpent cucumbers are looking beautiful at this point in the season! English, pickling and Persian cucumbers are also locally grown and of excellent quality. Mixed squash is also holding strong. American globe eggplants supply is also stable and thriving. Jimmy Nardello peppers continue to be a late summertime hit. We are still waiting for the addition of the countless other sweet pepper varieties! But we are being told that River Dog Farms will have them in the next few weeks so our anticipation and longing will hopefully be satisfied soon. Gypsy peppers as well as shishito peppers are available now too!

TOP QUALITY HIGHLIGHTS: Early girl tomatoes were a go-to last week with their thick skin and resilient growing nature, they prevailed through the molten hot week. With temperatures reaching upwards of 115 in harvest areas, the majority of baby and large heirloom tomatoes were turned into feeds and re purposed other ways because crews were not able to get to the fruit in time during the scorching days. Our friends at Happy Boy Farms were able to re stock us with some great tasting and colorful heirlooms Friday for the weekend. Luna Farms had a good size harvest over the weekend and will be delivering more fruit today to get the week started and then we should be back on track until the season finishes.

NEW IN STOCK: Melons from River Dog Farms will be here Tuesday afternoon, and we will start filling orders with them on Wednesday! This week we will be bringing in their cantaloupe and Canary varieties. We can mix them or keep the varieties separate, what ever you prefer! 35# cases. MUSHROOMS Delicate and delightfulfresh porcini and lobster mushrooms are in our cooler this week and ready for your menu! Hard squashes are starting, we have delicata and spaghetti in stock now with local butternut right around the corner.

ITEMS TO WATCH: Green onions were heavily affected last week by the heat in the Salinas valley. Next to nothing is left at the moment, and pricing has gone through the roof. We will keep our eye on this market and source the best product for its value until supply strengthens and price comes back down.

Romaine- two weeks rough n tough from heat all leaf lettuce weir fucked

DEAL ALERTS :  Black lentils Organic 25# bags @ 2$ per pound! Get them while they are hot! Never too early for fall menu testing!

ARTISANAL CHEESE NOTES: With all of the blue skies and sunshine lately we thought it would be a great time to highlight our fantastic staple Point Reyes Original Blue. These 6# wheels pack the perfect punch of mild yet present blue mold aroma with a beautiful creamy texture. Perfectly paired with any charcuterie presentation, with grilled meat, sandwiches, burgers, smeared on bread, or heck even eaten directly from the slicing knife, no pairing needed!