Spring favorites are starting to pop up around the market, let’s cut the small talk and get right to it!


Artichokes have been excellent lately, with larger sizes more readily available, consistent in size of softballs. Small loose are also available but in limited quantities. Quality on the larger sizes is superior!

Asparagus Price Down

Asparagus has thankfully seen a significant price decrease as of recently. California has begun harvesting, and Mexico is increasing its supply thanks to better weather in certain growing regions. The abundance of product has led to lower costs, while maintaining high quality.

Short Supply- Green Bell Pepper

Unfortunately, there’s been a shortage of green bell peppers from the desert growing areas, resulting in higher prices for larger, quality peppers. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. Of course we will do our best to source the best workable product and price.

Local Green Garlic, Spring Onions, Fava Leaves and Beans

Green garlic has started to appear, with our partners at Knoll Farms and others gearing up to deliver more this week. We have also started to see local spring onions. There have been some challenges with the harvest of red and white spring onions due to weather, though they are expected to improve soon. With the arrival of these spring favorites, the transition from winter to spring is rapidly approaching.

Additionally, we are also anticipating the return of fava leaves with a bit of sunshine, perfect for enjoying alongside the early fava beans that are beginning to emerge from both Mexican and Californian sources.

Late Winter Local Specialty Salad Options

For those seeking fresh salad options this late winter, we recommend trying our locally sourced and organically grown selections such as Rosso Bianco radicchio (perfectly pink color for Valentine’s Day), Bloomsdale spinach, and our Little Gem Trio—a delightful mix of three varieties of little gem lettuce.

Stemberries for Valentine’s Day…

If you’re in need of stem berries, we kindly ask that you place pre-orders for what you will need. Due to the recent wet weather, the supply of stem berries will be limited, and we want to ensure we fulfill orders as efficiently as possible.