August 20, 2021

CALIFORNIA GROWN PRODUCTS: We are seeing some really nice California grown globe, Chinese and Japanese eggplants. We are continuing to source the heirloom varieties of Hansel, Gretel and fairytale. We are offering these beauties in a mixed 10# case, so make sure to check these out! Summer squash and zucchini are still coming in gorgeous from Coke Farms. We have their extra fancy and medium sizes available as well as the 20# mixed variety box, which lends great color and shape to any plate. Tomatoes continue to be plentiful. Heirloom varieties are always equally appetizing to the belly and eyes, and the early girl tomatoes are packing some serious flavor! Luna, Coke and Riverdog Farms have been our main providers this year because all are harvesting top of the line fruit.

TOP QUALITY HIGHLIGHTS: Cucumbers are also locally sourced this time of year. American, English and pickling are all available and quality is what you might expect from a local product- the best! Lemon cucumbers and painted serpent cucumbers are also aplenty, perfect pop of something fresh to add to your conventional cucumber use. More inventory of mixed color little gem lettuce from Florescent Farms in Livermore is back in stock! This makes up the base of our summer salad blend, which also includes various local colorful chicories! We make it simple for you- order our summer salad blend and get the best of what’s coming in locally. Our mixed melon cases have been very popular this summer as well and we know it’s because of the serious flavor and juice that keeps everyone coming back for more! Try some yourself before summer melons are gone…

NEW IN STOCK: We received some beautiful delicata squash from Coke Farms. Yes, you read that right-hard squashes are starting to be harvested in California! Quality and flavors are wonderful. Mixed sweet peppers from River Dog Farms are in stock- these peppers are insane! With a blend of colors ranging from deep purple to a bright orange, these sweet treats are a must try. Black mission figs are starting up again. We will see these flavor bombs for the next few weeks. Candy stripe figs are also available!

ITEMS TO WATCH: Cilantro has been in very tight supply and the price is reflecting it. Sustained high temperatures have caused the crops to burn, thus harvests not meeting demand. Avocados are also seeing adverse effects on their harvest yields due to weather, driving the prices up more than usual. More growing areas in Mexico are just getting underway, so we can expect more fruits to be harvested in a few weeks, which should help supply and lower costs.

DEAL ALERTS:  Slicing size heirloom tomatoes by the 10# case will be delivered at $29.50 this week- great supply right now! Additionally, summer lettuce supply is strong and we are delivering our house prepped locally sourced summer salad blend packaged in a 5# case for $27.50 – that’s $5.50 per pound for a beautiful local lettuce blend, washed and ready to use out of the box!

ARTISANAL CHEESE NOTES: Fresh Jersey Cow Mozzarella is a must try this time of year. Pairing perfectly with our tomato options in any capacity, this locally sourced product comes from our favorite Double 8 Dairy in Petaluma. Made fresh to order, Andrew and his team have put a lot of love and care into the dairy and it really shows in his offerings. Please pre order this item or better yet let’s set up a standing order!

Thanks for checking out what’s being packed in our coolers. As always, please inquire for more information or to sample any of these products. Anything else we can help with, please let us know.