Check out C&L Produce’s top picks from our favorite local California farms!

LOCAL ENGLISH PEAS– Our friends at Iacopi Farms in Half Moon Bay harvest the most outstanding pole beans, but had a delayed planting this year due to the late season rains. Blue lake and romano beans are behind their typical start date and expected soon, but English peas are now getting going. The wonderful growing conditions of their coastal climate will allow the peas and beans to grow through November.

STONE FRUITS– Almost all fruit had been pulled from the trees early in the season due to a delayed start. We are finally beginning to see better vine ripened flavor in our fruits. Both yellow and white varieties of peaches and nectarines have the sugars you expect from a California stone fruit. Plums are just getting going as well. We have both red and green varieties available. The prized Santa Rosa plum will be here soon. Pluots are starting as well!

BRENTWOOD CORNCorn, both yellow and white, are incredibly sweet! Supply is great and pricing is very good too. A must use during the season.