Cara Cara Orange

CALIFORNIA GROWN PRODUCTS: Crisp, cool, colorful citrus! We have some WONDERFUL citrus options right now. Stem and leaf tangerines, Satsumas, kumquats, blood oranges, oro blanco pomelos and cara cara oranges are all tasting SO fantastic right now. All of these items are peaking in big flavor around this time of year. We will have these options for the weeks to come. Coke Farms and Blossom Bluff are both bringing in some really nice fruit. Local leeks are also at peak season. Very high yields at the moment due to perfect growing environments with the cold nights we have been experiencing.

TOP QUALITY HIGHLIGHTS: Green garlic from Knoll Farms is in the house and flavor is exceptional to kick of the season. Locally sourced and grown with love, these large milder flavored fresh stalks of garlic add the perfect amount of earthy goodness any way you use them. Added to a pizza or used in a salad or soup, green garlic adds the right amount of flavor to augment the dish yet not overpower. Also growing strong at Knoll Farms are stinging nettles. Does that sound like spring or what? Wild mushroom stock is plentiful and options are great. Currently black trumpet, yellow foot and chanterelles are in stock. Hedge hogs are available upon pre order. We’ve seen some delicious applications from you all, and we’re here for it!!!

NEW IN STOCK: Pink radicchio is coming in Friday and we will have samples available. This will be a great Valentine’s Day use this year, especially paired with gorgeous edible flowers that are always available from C&L! But, we do want to be prepared for your orders so please give us a heads up with what you would like to use for the big weekend! We are looking forward to your specials and we hope you are as well. Baby radishes are beautifully colored; varieties include icicle, French breakfast, and Easter egg. Colored carrots bunched, peeled or large sizes are in the house. 

ITEMS TO WATCH: Avocados from San Diego are starting in small quantities. We received and ripened some fruit last week and it’s cutting well this morning. The majority of our inventory we have now is from Mexico, but look forward to seeing the California fruit take over in the next few weeks.

DEAL ALERTS:  We have a great deal on Organic raspberries. We are delivering cases @ $26 while supplies last. Buy more than 5 cases and case cost is $23!

ARTISANAL CHEESE NOTES: Our ever so popular feta in brine from Valbreso is at the top of our GOTTA HAVE IT charts right now. So many wonderful applications for this 100% sheep’s milk cheese. Valbreso feta is known for its extremely creamy texture and super rich flavor. It is marinated in brine and available in a 16# average pail.