We have officially transitioned to Fall, as our favorite summer time items have come to an end. Sweet peppers, stone fruit and local melons are officially done for the year.

We are getting close to the end for local tomatoes. You can figure approximately 1 to 2 weeks more for solid fruit. Early girls will be available but sizing is getting smaller with each pickup. Flavor is still killer though as all early girls are currently the dry farmed option. Local cherry tomatoes are also still steady and a good buy. 

Apples and pears are looking and tasting magnificent, exactly what we expect from this time of year. Fuji, Granny Smith, Gala and Red are all freshly picked crops out of the Pacific Northwest. Pears D’anjou and Bosc are also freshly picked and a must-have menu item. California grown apples are also getting going and will be available this week. Apple cider is a few weeks away from the press at our friends from Placerville at Rainbow Orchards, we will be sure to let everyone know when this single ingredient cider is back in stock as it was a big hit last year! 

Lemons and limes both are in very short supply. Our California lemon crops have finished and the Mexico production is slow to start. Limited availability is driving a higher than normal price. 

Oranges are all the Valencia variety right now. Smaller sizes 113 ct are almost non-existent in the markets currently. 

Pomegranates are making a welcome return to our cooler. The seeds are literally bursting with flavor. Deep red in color and terrific pop of flavor perfect for all applications under the sun. We will have great local supply on this fruit through the fall and winter season.

There are persimmons available however they are verrrry green. Typically true to the start of any season, the first week or two we will see very underripe fruit. The cold temperatures at night will help this fruit ripen. 

Pumpkins, hay bails, corn stalks, gourds and many more fall decorations are available now. Let us know what you would like to see delivered for a festive display.