Tomatoes are still the talk of the town, but pole beans, figs, and frying peppers are also worth shouting about from the rooftops. Read on for more seasonal inspirations.

With the few weeks of sunshine down in the Watsonville area , Coke and Luna Farms are both killing the game with their fantastic heirloom tomatoes. Also delivering outstanding fruit is Terra Firma Farms from Petaluma. Our current mixed heirlooms cases include- Amana orange, black pineapple, Berkeley pink tie dye, Cherokee purple, Costoluto genovese, lemon boy, pink beauty. From the more mild yellow to the sweeter pinks, all options carry the perfect balance of acidity and sugar. The incredible range of colors and flavor in our mixed cases will undoubtedly wow your guests! Early girl and San Marzano tomatoes are also being harvested daily and the flavors are spot on.

Great pole beans continue as the sun shines bright out in the Brentwood growing region at Dwelley Farms. Romano, yellow wax, and blue lake beans are all tremendous right now.

Figs – don’t start drooling yet, we are still a few weeks out for their comeback! Knoll Organic Farms are assuring us that they will be here before we know it 🙂 In the meantime, check out some of their outstanding Santa Rosa Plums! Knoll is also offering some great sun dried fruits. Dried apricots, dark figs, light figs, nectarines, peaches and plums are all available for another seasonal menu option.

Fresh sweet frying peppers are just starting to come in! We currently have in stock orange and yellow gypsy peppers, shishito and padron peppers all locally sourced. Jimmy nardelo and other varieties will become available in the next few weeks!

Last but certainly not least… We have some local fresh garbanzo beans! Packed in 5# cases, these babies are SWEET!!