CALIFORNIA GROWN PRODUCTS: Brentwood corn is rolling in and the early season flavors are great. We have both sweet white and yellow varieties in stock. We are picking up product twice per week so it is as fresh as can be! The farms that we are sourcing our corn from in the Brentwood area include Dwelley Farms, Simoni & Massoni Farms and G&S Farms. We are also sourcing some beautiful Blue lake, yellow wax and Romano beans as well! All of these locally grown pole beans are in stock and ready for delivery. Another delivery of mixed summer squash has arrived and has some wonderful color and flavor. More varieties are being harvested as well as the squash blossoms. Currently, we are asking for the blossoms to be pre ordered one day in advance by at least 12PM so we can make sure they are extremely fresh. Once pre ordered, they are harvested that day and sent in transit that evening and are in your cooler the following day. So many great uses of the squash flower, what is your favorite use?

TOP QUALITY HIGHLIGHTS: Here we are again talking about Florescent Farms mixed heads of little gem lettuce. These large, vibrant and tasty baby leaves surely add something extra to your plate visually and the flavor is supreme. We have also transitioned our house made salad blend to include the mixed little gem as well as butter lettuce, frisse and radicchio- all locally sourced. We have named it the “Summer Salad Blend”. We’d be happy to send a sample with your next delivery! More domestically grown melon varieties are coming in every day. Sugar content is on the rise and really adding some serious flavor. We are offering a mixed case @ $28 per box including 10 pieces mixed melons. Soon, we will be offering our locally sourced Durst watermelons! But, you’ll have to be patient as that is not for a week or two. Until then, we have some tasty watermelons grown in Bakersfield California.

NEW IN STOCK: Kalelets from California are a great appetizer use this time of year. This vegetable is a cross of kale and brussel sprouts and lends a sweet and nutty flavor with a crunchy texture. The kalelets wears a beautiful blend of green and purple coloring on its leaves. Our favorite preparation- fried baby!

ITEMS TO WATCH: Asparagus has finished up locally and we are in the last weeks of the Washington and Michigan crops. Once we finish those growing areas, the growing area will transition to 100% to Mexico. Sizing and price will be consistent, but it will be lacking the flavor we have experienced the last two months. Unfortunately, California lemon season came to an early and fast end. The supply out of Mexico and Peru is not producing enough to help supply this light market. We will continue to see higher than normal pricing for lemons for the next few weeks.

DEAL ALERTS: Conventional zucchini is plentiful and the price is definitely reflecting it. Currently, extra fancy and medium sized squash us under .90 cents per pound and will continue to hold this great price for the next few weeks while supply is heavy. Also noteworthy, we will be sourcing a great option for medium size organic zucchini from Coke Farms. Their squash harvest has just begun and is looking great!

ARTISANAL CHEESE HIGHLIGHTS: We are offering a super special price on some overstock of Point Reyes Bay Blue cheese. While supplies last, we are offering it at $7 per pound! This is about $3 off per pound of the normal price. Be sure to make use of this great deal on this exceptional cheese.