CALIFORNIA GROWN PRODUCTS: We have a fresh harvest of bunched carrots from Luna Farms. These certified organic carrots were harvested this week and have great looking tops and some wonderfully sweet flavor! These beauties are a must use for this week and next. Also coming in from Luna Farms is some incredible anise! These medium size bulbs and fresh fronds add some great flavor for any use of this kitchen staple. Mixed squash is fully underway and we have multiple farms supplying us with some great options. Such farms include Dwelley, Happy Boy, and Coke Farms. This week we will be offering straight packs of summer, sunburst, gold bar and zucchini. Next week we will see heavier loads of 8 ball and round squash being added to that list. All of the mixed squashes are organically grown!

TOP QUALITY HIGHLIGHTS: For this coming 4th of July holiday, there are masses of great corn and watermelon around. This year’s harvest of sweet white and yellow is above par according to our standards and we couldn’t be happier. From grilling to salads, the sweet white and yellow Brentwood corn is surely a summer highlight! Watermelons are also cutting very sweet. We will be starting the Durst watermelon bins next week and are looking forward to that crop. Currently, we are sourcing watermelons out of the Bakersfield growing areas. Blue lake and yellow wax beans are so tender right now. The pole beans are also being sourced locally at Dwelley Farms and the freshness of these beans is top notch. The boxes still have the fresh flowers from the rows in them and beans are snappy and tender. Now that’s fresh! 

NEW IN STOCK: Mixed baby heirloom tomatoes are here! That’s right, the start of our local tomatoes season has finally arrived! Very flavorful to start the year, these tasty varieties of baby tomatoes are adding color and flavor to summer salads and pizzas! Pair these with our beautiful summer salad blend and you have a perfect local farm to table salad. From gem lettuce grown by Florescent Farms, the frissse grown at Coke Farms and finishing it with baby mixed heirloom tomatoes from Durst Farms, local is surely superior! Please call to inquire for samples of the summer salad today. More items locally grown include great tasting stone fruit. New to the list of yellow and white peaches are some great plums. Varieties this week include Santa Rosa and Red Festival. Also some nice pluots are in stock from our friends at Blossom Bluff Orchards.

ITEMS TO WATCH: Keep your eyes on tomatoes! We are seeing the baby mixed heirlooms and early girls starting off strong, but the highly anticipated mixed heirlooms will start to arrive in good supply this weekend! The fireworks over the weekend might just be to celebrate weekend welcoming these beautiful looking and tasting tomatoes to our plates. Mixed boxes and single varieties of heirlooms will be available. We will detail out what varieties are making up the mixed as well available for single packs week to week. Early in the season, we will start with mixed only but as the season grows so will supply and availability. Many options such as caprese size, saucing and slicer sizing options will all be available this year! Early girl and san marzano will be available as well.

DEAL ALERTS: We have in stock an organic 40# fuji apple and are delivering them at $42 while supply lasts. Order yourself this great organic option while it’s at a great price!