August 25, 2021

Here we are on the last leg of summer.  Tomatoes will be running until the sun stops shining through the early evenings and temperatures at night cool way down and begin to freeze. So, get your hands on our current stock of early girls while you can! They are flippin’ fantastic. But, as much as we will miss the nice sunny weather, there is another crop of seasonal fruits and veggies that thrive from the early fall rains and cool temps, and we are SO ready for them! We are hearing our forests and local foraged mushrooms say the same thing. Here is what we are seeing for this upcoming week. Seriously, try the eggplants!!!

CALIFORNIA GROWN PRODUCTS: Heirloom variety melons continue to come in a few times a week with exceptional flavors. Piel del Sol and Charentais are on the top of our list, along with great tasting cantaloupes and Tuscan melons. Watermelons are also being harvested fully ripe and sweet as candy this time of year. Sweet peppers are also making their ever so glorious second half of summer supply felt with some serious flavor and color. Don’t miss the Jimmy Nardello frying peppers either! We have heard from a few of you how you are utilizing them, and we couldn’t be happier! Such a great display of bright colors and flavors, these peppers are great raw, fried and or stuffed. So set your creativity wild, and take advantage of these while they are around!

TOP QUALITY HIGHLIGHTS: Heirloom eggplants, eggplants of the heirloom variety, heeeeiiirrlloooom eggplaaaants. Shall we say it again?? The heirloom eggplants coming in from River Dog Farms and Florescent Farms are absolute PERFECTION. Smaller in size with a great mix of color, they are gorgeous any way you slice them! We have a stunning mixed pack, but can also do single varieties. Tell us what you would like to see. Varieties include Annina, Bella Roma, Rosa Bianca, Hansel, Gretel and Prosperosa! Heirloom eggplants, gottahaveit.

NEW IN STOCK: Red and green okra from Coke Farms came in this morning and look sooo appetizing! The red variety has a beautiful hue of red covering the length of the okra. This product is being grown to perfection in the coastal growing region of San Juan Baptista. Black Turkish figs are also coming in from Knoll Farms in Brentwood. We are a few weeks into the second fig season of the year and quality is tremendous. The Black Turkish is the strongest and most flavorful variety going right now. There are some Candy Stripe figs around but sizing and quality is a bit hit or miss.  

ITEMS TO WATCH: The avocado market is not showing much sign of relief. Larger size fruit is upwards of $76 for 48 pieces. There are limited California crops available, and Mexico is still weeks away from producing enough fruit to see any relief at the market. The demand is surely higher than supply, which is a recipe for expensive avocados. We are navigating what’s available to bring you ready to use, high yield fruit during these times.

DEAL ALERTS: Berries are in great supply, and we have blueberries being delivered @ $27.50 for 12ct-6oz containers. We have access to help move this plentiful supply of quality blueberries so please take advantage! But of course strawberry, raspberry and blackberry quality and prices are great too!

ARTISANAL CHEESE HIGHLIGHTS: Have you tried our Midnight Moon from Cypress Grove? This hard cheese offers a nutty, buttery flavor upfront and has a beautiful caramel finish! Perfect choice for a mild hard goat cheese, you can surely taste the superior quality of this brand any way you choose to use it.