Fall harvest season is in full swing! Cranberries from Massachusetts have been rolling in, as well as persimmons (hachiya and fuyu varieties ). These fall favorites let us know that the holidays are right around the corner!  We are also a few weeks into pomegranate season, which means flavors are in their prime right now! We have larger and smaller sized pomegranates available to meet any application. Winter squashes are in their prime as well, and will continue to be harvested fresh through winter. Butternut squash is of course at the top of our use list, we have both organic and conventionally grown options. Beets are great currently as well. Options we provide for beets include red, gold, and chiogga in both regular sized and baby. The baby beets we receive are locally grown and harvested fresh. We have organic and conventional beets in all sizes and varieties detailed. Try some of these fall favorites today while they are in their peak season!