Legumes and Grains- All Available in 5lb Bags

No menus are complete without some healthy and gluten free pairings to your protein, or they can be the focus of some wonderful vegetarian dishes.

Please call to ask for samples of these products!

Elegant Farms Beans – We are proud to carry heirloom varietals of both black and cannellini runner beans from the Sacramento Joaquin valley. These are by far the best beans grown here in California. They are plump, creamy and sweet. They cook evenly and hold their shape really well.

Organic Tri Color Quinoa – one of the healthiest seeds to eat. The beautiful plants are grown for their multicolored seeds that are picked and dried, and then can be cooked like pasta then used in salads, cereals, as a compliment to any dish or can be the main feature.

Organic Jasmine Rice -is a long grain fragrant rice. It has a subtle floral aroma & soft sticky texture when cooked.

Organic Short Grain Brown Rice – a great healthy addition to any fall menu dish

Arborio White Rice -for all your risotto needs

Farro – like smelt is a grain, farro is wheat that is rich in nutrients and is hearty enough to cook in stews, braised with meats, cooked like risotto, and it can be ground and turned into pasta. It’s a grain that can be used on all menus.

Black Beluga Organic Lentils – are a lensed shaped seed that grows on a bush plant that falls in the legume category. They come in many different colors. They can be cooked in water, simmered in stews and soups, or served cold tossed with a little vinaigrette. They can be used as aside dish for fish or chicken, or sit along some roasted squash for a hearty fall vegetarian dish.

Red Flint Polenta – this is an heirloom grain of corn originally grown in Italy that is now grown locally by Community Grains in Oakland. This is a coarse grind of red corn and, once cooked, can be a meal unto itself. Use 4 parts water to 1-part polenta for a velvety texture or cut back by 1 part to get a thicker version can be shaped, cooled then grilled. This can be a great side dish with some wild mushrooms or sit as bed on a plate to hold some braised short ribs.