Listed by farm, check out what’s available:
Happy Boy Farms

HEIRLOOM TOMATOES will be around for about another month, barring any rain or drop in temperatures. They have both number ones for your gorgeous plates and 30 pound totes for your sauces.

Terra Firma Farms

GERMAN BUTTERBALL POTATO– if you haven’t tried these you’re surely missing out! They are great for roasting, smashing, slicing, and our favorite- making gnocchi.
SWEET LEEKS beautiful, large, and most definitely grill-able
BLUE LAKE BEANS create a fresh saute with garlic and chilies

Coke Farms

CORNO DI TORO PEPPERS simply roast and toss in with a salad, or stuff with farro and goat cheese
CANARY MELON– still coming in delicious and sweet- think prosciutto plates with heirloom tomatoes!
BABY TURNIPS WITH TOPS– candy them with sugar and serve with scallops
BRUSSEL SPROUTS– yes, of course they are here year round but you cannot beat the locally grown selections! Blanch, sear in hot oil and toss with pancetta
ARTICHOKES– all sizes looking tight and beautiful. Braise and peel, toss with lemon, mint, chanterelles, voila!

Mushrooms, This Week’s Chef’s Mix Includes…
Hen of the Woods, Brown Clam Shell, King Trumpets
Wild Foraged Options…

CHANTERELLES– saute with thyme, garlic and shallots, toss with pasta, add to a steak dish or combine with the fresh artichokes for a great veggie option
LOBSTER MUSHROOM these are great to slice and grill, drizzle some salsa verde on top and add a sunny side up egg
BURGUNDY TRUFFLES these are straight from France, they are firm and delicious.