Summer is in full swing at the C&L warehouse, all made possible by the bountiful and diverse offerings of our beautiful California climate. From vibrant Terra Firma Black Prince & Early Girl tomatoes bursting with flavor to crisp, Leafy Greens and juicy, sun-kissed Coke Farms Strawberries, our shelves are brimming with the finest, locally sourced produce that showcases the remarkable flavors and quality our beautiful state is known for. Coke Farms Lemon cucumbers just landed! With a hint of citrusy zest that adds a delightful twist to its taste profile, add this to your seasonal salad with Durst Farms Mixed Medley Cherry Tomatoes to delight your guests with pops of summer in each bite. Expect more varieties and full sized Heirloom Tomatoes in the following week. Durst Farms Watermelons are always a crowd favorite as well. Once sliced open, their juicy, ruby-red flesh glistens with a refreshing allure. Local Summer Squash like Green Zucchini & Yellow Crookneck is coming in from all over California & a great addition to your succotash’s. Avocados are still high in price due to limited quantity and high demand. We will keep you updates as we get more information in the following weeks.