We are coming ever closer to it officially being fall on September 22nd, but we here in California still have a couple months of Indian summer left to enjoy. This means we get the very best of:

Stone Fruits 
 Gypsy Peppers, Nardellos, Padrons Heirloom Eggplants

We are also seeing the beginnings of the fall harvest including:

Delicata Squash
Butternut Squash
 Quince and Pears from Sebastopol 
Root Vegetables- Sunchokes, Celery Root and Parsnips

More Seasonal Selections…

Figs are plump and juicy- perfect for making jam or stuffing and grilling
Summer Squash, including patty pan, Costata Romanesco and zephyr from Happy Boy
Corn is moving from Brentwood to the Central Valley
Fresh Cranberry Bean and Butter Beans are also available. If you haven’t tried a fresh bean compared to its dried counterpart you are missing out.
Concord Grapes are also here as Wine country begins its annual harvest. They would look great on all your sweet and savory menus!

In the world of locally foraged gifts from Mother Nature:

Matsutake #1’s and #3’s
Burgundy Truffles are here and the price and quality are great. Call for pricing