Local Farm Availability, October 12

Listed by farm, check out what’s available: Happy Boy Farms HEIRLOOM TOMATOES will be around for about another month, barring any rain or drop in temperatures. They have both number ones for your gorgeous plates and 30 pound totes for your sauces. EARLY GIRL TOMATOES JIMMY NARDELLO PEPPERS

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Avocado Prices Skyrocket


Avocado prices have increased incredibly over these past few weeks due to staggeringly low availability. The California crops have finished earlier than expected. The heatwave in California back in July damaged budding fruit on the trees, lessening the harvest substantially. This low supply leaves us in a

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Organic Heirloom Tomatoes

Everyone’s favorite tomatoes are sure hitting their stride and flowing in beautifully! We are receiving a fantastic selection from various local farms from around northern California. Check out our most recent shipment from Coke Farms in the picture above! We have various sizes available, from a larger slicer size

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Price Watch- Lemons

The price for lemons has shot up considerably in recent days.  CNBC reports that “a heatwave in Southern California’s major lemon growing region this month caused a loss of lemons and a squeeze in supplies, which has driven up wholesale prices about 40 percent or more in some

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Local Summer Squash


We have begun to receive the first harvests of local California summer squash from our friends at Happy Boy Farms! Unlike their winter counterparts, summer squash have soft, thin, edible skin, with appealing colors from light to dark. All varieties may be eaten raw or cooked, and have a mild flavor that

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Vegan Cheese Options and More at C&L Produce!

We are excited to announce that we are now stocking vegan shredded mozzarella and vegan shredded cheddar cheeses, as well as Calafia brand Almond milks! We also have access to a larger selection of other vegan and dairy alternative products such as cream cheese spreads (Chive, Original, Jalapeno), vegan mayonnaise, and barista blends of alternative milks (Soy, Vanilla Soy, Hemp, Hazelnut, and more!) among

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Price Watch- Limes


Limes are an expensive item to use this week- the market is getting active and will continue to rise. Typically at this time of year, we start to see the supply tightening up and pricing climb. Much colder weather and rain has also contributed to seasonality this year.

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