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Price Watch- Asparagus


Asparagus is an item to watch this week. This product has a hard time growing in hot weather. When the temperatures rise substantially, the asparagus grows too fast and becomes oversized, making it quite unappetizing. Because of this, there is a limited supply of the Mexican product

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German Butterball Potato

These German butterball potatoes are melt in your mouth delicious! This potato variety is a beautiful golden color with an extra smooth, buttery taste. Their round shape and varying sizes make them perfect for any main dish accompaniment. Try these special potatoes today while they are freshest!

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Organic Summer Squash

We have been receiving the most beautiful mixed variety boxes of organic summer squash! Colors are deep and vibrant, shapes interesting and unique. Fresh from a variety of local farms, these organic squashes are a must try!

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Price Watch- English Cucumbers

English Cucumbers

English cucumbers are creeping up in price due to issues at the field level. The English cucumbers coming from Mexico have finished, and the California harvest areas are behind schedule. With a low supply and high demand, prices are being driven up.

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Fresh Garbanzo Beans

Move over edamame, fresh garbanzo beans are here! These bright green, fuzzy little pods are delicious in any application you can imagine. Check out just some of the ways to use these cute little pods:  Pop them raw out of their shells (they have one or two

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Local Corn in the House!

White Corn

Local corn from Brentwood has returned! The area is known for growing this crop for a reason- the sweetness of this California grown corn is unparalleled. They are coming to us looking beautiful, and only going to improve as the season gets rolling. We have a great

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Price Watch- Tomatoes, Yellow Squash

Tomatoes are still experiencing a limited harvest due to major heat waves in Mexico. We are looking for local California tomatoes to be available soon for some relief. Yellow squash is also experiencing a gap in supply due to limited harvests, driving the price up as well.

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Price Watch- Celery


Celery has experienced a high price increase in recent days. Supply is short and there are issues with quality. The celery crops from Yuma, CA are finished and harvested, and the grow areas in Oxnard are behind schedule. Cauliflower is experiencing a similar situation with a gap

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Local Strawberries

Great news… California strawberries are back! The first shipment we received are red, juicy, and bursting with that sweet summer flavor. Expect to see many more items soon to be returning to California farms as well. Stay tuned for more local produce updates!

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Leaf Lettuce

Leaf lettuce is still experiencing an enormous gap in supply, which means prices are remaining high. The farms expect this situation to remain until the end of April until more product can be harvested. This includes romaine, romaine hearts, and green leaf lettuce.

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