Price Watch- Tomatoes and Avocados

Two items that normalized last week have taken another jump up this week. Avocado and tomato prices are inflated right now. We received some interesting information regarding the price hikes from our friends at Greenberg Fruit. Concerning avocados, they write: “We are seeing ongoing issues with the supply

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Fresh Cranberries!


Fresh cranberries from Massachusetts are hitting the market, be sure to get your hands on some while they are here! The window of availability is short, and they only come around once a year. While you can buy frozen all year long, the taste of a fresh

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Price Watch- Oranges

Valencia oranges have just about finished up for the year, but the transition to the fall/ winter navel variety has not been so smooth. The navel oranges are not quite ready to harvest, and Valencia supply is little to nothing. With demand unchanged, what supply is available

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Organic Green Tomatoes


We currently have a great selection of beautiful organic green tomatoes here at C&L Produce! Not only are they perfect for frying up to a golden crisp, but this item can also be used in many other creative ways. Perhaps used in a chutney combined with onions, garlic, salt,

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Price Watch- Avocados


The market for avocados is experiencing a wide gap in supply currently. The prices of avocados are rising substantially, to well over seventy dollars per case! The insane price is due to hold for a few weeks- the California crops have finished earlier than expected, and the

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Jimmy Nardello Peppers

Check out these gorgeous Jimmy Nardello peppers (pictured here)! Their thin skin is perfect for frying or charring, and their bright red color is sure to delight any patron. We also have a mixed variety pepper box with many of the summertime varieties available including Jimmy Nardello,

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Price Watch- Asparagus


Asparagus is an item to watch this week. This product has a hard time growing in hot weather. When the temperatures rise substantially, the asparagus grows too fast and becomes oversized, making it quite unappetizing. Because of this, there is a limited supply of the Mexican product

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German Butterball Potato

These German butterball potatoes are melt in your mouth delicious! This potato variety is a beautiful golden color with an extra smooth, buttery taste. Their round shape and varying sizes make them perfect for any main dish accompaniment. Try these special potatoes today while they are freshest!

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