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Custom Cut Produce



Here at C&L Produce we can custom cut ANY fresh fruit and vegetable! We have a wide range of vegetable blends, as well as many different cut options such as sliced, diced, cubed and julienne  just to name a few. We work hand-and-hand with our customers ensuring our CUSTOM CUT fruits and vegetables are prepared to the highest standard.



p10Let us take care of the PEEL and SLICING for you-after all, we have been mastering it for years now! Whether it’s sliced potatos for french fries or whole peeled potatoes we will deliver them to you, in water, fresh everyday.  Along with kennebec, we prepare russet, red and Yukon potatoes custom for your application.




We offer farm fresh FRUIT SALAD blends for our customers, as well! Honeydew melon, cantaloupe melon, pineapple and seasonal grapes make up a traditional fruit salads, but we can CUSTOMIZE any salad with your choice of fruits and vegetables.

C&L Produce has a vast selection of CHOPPED LETTUCE blends that make a great base for any salad.  Our local fresh lettuce adds color and vibrancy to any dish!

Pizza Pizza Pizza

Sliced mushrooms, chopped green onions, and sliced red and yellow onions are a great way to bring freshness to any pizza dish.



We take pride in the service to our customers and their employees.  We are always prepared for new cuts and blends need for our customers dishes. Our attention to detail and the desire to produce the best products is what sets us apart from the rest!








Custom Cut Produce July 2, 2012

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