RHUBARB– Rhubarb we are sourcing is being grown outside in the sun shiny open fields in Oregon and also more locally in San Juan Baptista. Both growing regions are producing full color and flavorful rhubarb, finally the perfect time of the season to utilize this spring favorite. 

COASTAL GROWN ARTICHOKES– Coastal grown artichokes are having a good season. Solid supply of all sizes – from baby loose to medium to large sizes, all are available.

GREEN GARLIC– Green garlic is also plentiful from growing regions in the Watsonville Coast, Brentwood, and all the way up to Guinda, CA. Some of our favorite farms are harvesting this spring beauty for the next few weeks, be sure to use it while it’s fresh and local. 

LOCAL SPRING ONIONS– Another local allium option available now is spring onions, both red and white. It is easy to incorporate these local spring onions to any dish due to their more mild flavor than the traditional onion, but it doesn’t stop there… Be sure to utilize their green tops! These babies pack a way bigger flavor punch than the traditional scallions, beautiful for any application, and not to be missed! 

ENGLISH PEAS, SNAP PEAS, AND FAVA BEANS- English peas, snap peas and fava beans are sweet and tasty. They are coming in fully grown with size and flavor fully developed. We also have access to the pea greens. Pea tendrils and fava leaves are available upon pre order. 

SEASONAL CITRUS– Kumquats, Meyer lemons and pixie tangerines are all noteworthy for highlights. We are working together with a new grower in Santa Barbara who is producing some amazing citrus. These will hold us over until the California stone fruits are fully ready.

STRAWBERRIES– Strawberries are getting some substantial supply in the markets from Watsonville Valley. Farms are able to harvest when the berries are at their peak ripeness. We have conventional and organic options available. We are a few weeks away from blackberry and raspberries starting locally. 

LOCAL ASPARAGUS- Asparagus has had a great start to its local season. The beautiful and tasty Durst Farms asparagus is in our cooler alongside their appetizing spring partner snap peas. Our conventional asparagus is also sourced from California from Queen Victoria in the delta growing region.

C&L also carries…RICE BRAN OIL 35#- $46!! Rice bran oil is versatile because it has a nutty, earthy flavor and a high smoke point, making it ideal for frying and baking at high temperatures. It also contains unsaturated fats, which may help lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease- double win! We source direct from the manufacturer to have the best price!