Pomegranates, persimmons and cranberries are in stock and ready for your creativity! All three are fully underway with some ripe fruit after a week or so of cold weather. All are California grown.

Butternut and other hard squashes are being sourced locally and grown organically by Dwelly, Coke and Durst Farms. Red Kuri, honey nut, and delicata are also available and a must use for winter menus!

Half gallons of apple cider from Rainbow Orchards is in the house and the flavor is fantastic! Picked up fresh weekly, this juice is a seasonal favorite of ours. Being a third generation family farm, Rainbow Orchards has been growing exceptional apples in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains since 1977!

We have golden chanterelles in the house, and they will be available for the next few months. Forged in Washington and soon to be out of Oregon, these tasty mushrooms are a fantastic addition to any dish. Lobster mushrooms and Candy Caps have also made an appearance in our coolers recently. Fresh burgundy truffles are also coming from Washington. Please give a two day pre order for all truffle orders.

Freshly harvested apples and pears are here and the flavors are phenomenal. We have wonderful conventional and organic options in granny smith , fuji , gala and honeycrisp! Fresh crops of Danjou and bosc pears have started being harvested out of the Washington area and are coming in nice and ripe.