Rain Rain, Don’t go away!

Wow this rain feels so heavenly. Lets all do a rain dance for more. California needs it.

Keep an eye out on wild mushrooms & truffles to be flourishing because of the rain.

With that being said, its definitely soup season! Sunchoke, Red Kuri Squash, Lentil, all great options throughout the winter. Thinking of making cauliflower soup? Think about holding off for a couple weeks. Read below to find out more.

White Cauliflower:

Its about that time of year were we always see a price jump in the market. The shift from California grown cauliflower to Arizona begins and the rain and cold weather take over. Prices have almost tripled, this is due to the lack of supply as the growers are wrapping up their harvesting supplies and head to other states. Stay patient, we’re hoping the price will fall in the next 2-3 weeks. Substitute for Caulilini “baby cauliflower” or tri color cauliflower. Both priced fairly.


This week Arugula is very limited, with the way the local greens season has ended, it has also affected the availability of arugula and other leafy greens. Not to worry, the price stays the same as we are working with as many vendors as possible.