We are busy getting ready for St. Patrick ’s Day with some beautiful green cabbage selections. We have both a conventional and organic option. Each option has great quality, beautiful color and is ready to be paired with some pre diced red potatoes cut in house by C&L! In addition, we have very festive micro shamrocks that are available upon pre order to dress up your plates and drinks. Here are some other highlights for this upcoming week:

CALIFORNIA GROWN PRODUCTS: Wonderful sunchokes, anise/fennel, chards, and dyno kale are all in stock grown locally in the San Juan Baptista valley. Great red spring onions are continuing to come from this area as well.  

TOP QUALITY HIGHLIGHTS: Great citrus still being picked from our California trees. Both navel and Valencia oranges taste great. Kumquats and Meyer lemons are also still here and looking fantastic. All leaf lettuces including little gem, butter, romaine hearts, red and green leaf have good quality. Ask about a custom salad blend! English peas organically grown from Del Cabo Farms in Mexico are also getting sweeter with each passing week. Be sure to try some before the pricier local Monterey season starts! Also coming from Del Cabo Farms are beautiful mixed mini peppers. The perfect mix of bright colors and sweetness make these peppers a must try at the moment!

NEW IN STOCK: The Green Garlic is arriving Wednesday afternoon and will be ready for deliveries Thursday! This is one of our favorite spring harvest items, and we are excited to start with the first round this week. Yum! Also, as mentioned above, English peas have been coming in great. Another special addition to our early spring line up- rhubarb!!! Currently available for $4.25/LB.

ITEMS TO WATCHAvocados are on the rise. After a late start for the California season, the trees are not filling in like they usually do at this point in the season to keep the market down during this time of the year. We will continue to source the best value product during these times. We do have a few different sizes currently available. Sizes include 48, 60 and 70 count per case.

DEAL ALERTS : Broccoli rabe! We still have some supply left at a great price- $32 for 20 pieces. Asparagus also holds great quality being harvested in Mexico and price is even better- under $2 per pound! Still remains a great buy.

ARTISANAL CHEESE HIGHLIGHTSBellwether ricotta is always in stock here at C&L. We pick it up directly from the farm in Petaluma to ensure maximum freshness and the best price. Currently 3# tubs are $23.50, call us if you’d like a sample.

WILD FORAGED MUSHROOMS– Orders due Tuesday for Friday morning delivery. Please direct orders to orderdesk@clproduce.com or call the office (510) 893-9010. We will have a very limited supply of these mushrooms for those who don’t preorder, so supply is not guaranteed without a preorder. So, be sure to get your orders in!

          Hedge Hog- $15 / LB

          Yellow Foot- $12 /LB

          Black Trumpet- $19 /LB

Please reach out with any questions!  Any orders please direct them to orderdesk@clproduce.com or call the office (510) 893-9010.