March 23, 2021

Spring is here! Wildflowers cover the hills, and spring favorites are filling our plates. Longer afternoon sunshine with some nice weather expected this week, we are hopeful for a great week ahead! Here are some product highlights:

CALIFORNIA GROWN PRODUCTS: Asparagus, asparagus aaand asparagus. Durst Farms organically grown asparagus is in now stock and ready for every application. Tender and sweet, this product does not get any better than at this time of the year. The first harvest is typically the sweetest batch, which will certainly ring true this season with the ideal growing conditions we are currently experiencing. Artichoke supply is beginning to ramp up and supply building. Better availability on all sizes from small baby loose to larger heirloom sizes. Throw in some green garlic to your recipes, and we are full well into spring!

TOP QUALITY HIGHLIGHTS: Knoll farms green garlic. This is our second week of having this outstanding product. It is pairs wonderfully with the spring salads, soups, the grill and many other great seasonal applications!

NEW IN STOCK: Stinging nettles are available for a two day pre order. These are also being farmed locally at Knoll Farms in Brentwood CA. Perfect for pesto, added to soups or stir-fry’s, or even on top of your pizza! This spring item will add wonderful flavor and interest to your recipes. Stay tuned for local fava and English peas… our suppliers are saying the local season won’t begin until the end of April. We do currently have another option for both of these items coming to us from San Diego.

ITEMS TO WATCH: Limes continue to have very limited supply coming from Mexico. The smaller 230 – 200 sizes continue to be the best deal. We also have a larger 175 ct case that is a good value for your juicing.

DEAL ALERTS: Point Reyes Bay Blue cheese is currently on special @ $12.45 per pound! Help us move some fantastic cheese at a great price. Please specify you’d like the Bay Blue cheese, as we have other blue cheese options in house.

ARTISANAL CHEESE HIGHLIGHTS: Double 8 Dairy Jersey Cow Ricotta is back available for two day pre order. We are also carrying the Buffalo Soft Serve base. Call the office for a sample!

WILD FORAGED MUSHROOMS– Last call on hedgehogs, 14 pounds available or until supplies last! After these are out of stock, there will be no wild forged mushrooms for next few weeks. We have great cultivated options which include maitake, king trumpet, and brown beech mushrooms.