April 6, 2021

We hope everyone had a nice weekend, we’re hoping the sunny weather is here to stay!  The early spring mix of warmer afternoons and cooler nights make for some ideal growing conditions for some of our favorite spring items, which are highlighted below.

CALIFORNIA GROWN PRODUCTS: Beautiful rainbow chard is in the house, locally grown in San Juan Baptista. With vibrant colors and a great price point due to plentiful supply, this item is a perfect item to use right now. Also broccoli, cauliflower and collard greens are being harvested in this area. We have both conventional and organic options for all of these items.

TOP QUALITY HIGHLIGHTSOregon field grown rhubarb is ready for you! We are fully underway for this season’s wonderful spring bounty of rhubarb. The stunning deep red color and distinct flavor are such a special addition to your desserts, chutneys or salsas! Be sure to take advantage of the small window of availability. Spring onions continue to be plentiful, both white and red are options at the moment. Another plentiful item that is top notch is green garlic. More farms have been harvesting green garlic this year, which has lead to the price per pound coming down. Currently Coke Farms, Full Belly and Knoll Farms are all supplying us with some wonderful green garlic.  

NEW IN STOCK: Our friends at Sun Valley Farms in Watsonville have begun harvesting strawberries! That’s right, local Watsonville strawberries are arriving just in time to pair with some lovely rhubarb for your spring deserts! Both organic and conventional options are available. More English Peas are being harvested in Mexico from Del Cabo Farms. Our local mushroom forger has brought us some outstanding fiddlehead ferns. We will have access to these California grown fiddlehead ferns through the end of April. Shortly thereafter, by about May, we will start the wonderful Eastern Ostrich Fiddleheads!

ITEMS TO WATCHLimes. Unfortunately there is still no good news to report on the lime market. A tight supply coming across the border continues to put a high price tag on all sizes of this fruit. Avocado 60 CT continues to be a tight supply item as well. Its market is also high due to the lack of California fruit being harvested. Other sized avocado markets have been dropping. Check the “DEAL ALERT” section below for more information.

DEAL ALERTS: We currently have a friendlier priced option for a 70ct avocado, case cost $36. This is a slightly smaller sized fruit. For reference, current 60ct fruit cases are $48. Organic cauliflower 12 CT for this week is being delivered at $26.50- don’t miss out!

ARTISANAL CHEESE HIGHLIGHTS: Now offering Kendall Farms crème fraiche in quart size containers. We are also stocking delicious Tillamook white and orange cheddar blocks. This high quality brand from Oregon has bold yet smooth flavor and melts great. Both of these are 5# units. Call for Pricing!

What goes great with artisanal cheese platters? HONEY! We’ve sourced fantastic local honey from our favorite Oakland shop, whose apiary is located on a Berkeley rooftop. We have gallon sizes available of the Wildflower Honey, $65 per gallon. We also have honeycomb frames available, $70 per frame. The combs are of course a welcome treat to a cheese platter, but perfect to serve in an arugula salad with goat cheese, chunks folded into ricotta on a crostini, or even mixed into batters before baking!

WILD FORAGED MUSHROOMS– Orders due Tuesday for Friday morning delivery. Please direct orders to orderdesk@clproduce.com or call the office (510) 893-9010.

          Hedge Hog- $15 / LB Limited supply call to pre order!!!!