CALIFORNIA GROWN PRODUCTS: Dyno kale, green cabbage and red spring onions are here! Quality of each of these items is wonderful. California navel oranges have some of the best flavor we will see throughout the year. The Valencia season is also underway. Fruit flavor is better but still not fully developed. Last call for local Meyer lemons! It has been a great season.

TOP QUALITY HIGHLIGHTS: Berries! Blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries all have great color and flavor this week. This time of the year is historically challenging with berry quality, but we are happy to report all varieties taste great. Little gem lettuce is being harvested daily. Their tender leaves are perfect for a seasonal salad or even try cutting the head in half and putting on the grill. Organic Mix medley cherry tomatoes from Del Cabo farms are an excellent use during this time of the year. They are producing great tasting cherry tomatoes for these cold winter-into-spring months and have beautiful colors to brighten your plates. We still are a ways away from the local tomato season, so these will pull us through.

NEW IN STOCK – Red spring onions! They are officially in house and the flavors are perfect. What’s your favorite use of these amazing spring onions?  English peas. Yes, you read that correctly- we have organically grown English peas available! Flavors are good for this early on in the season. As the season progresses, so will the crunchy sweet pea flavor we know and love. Baby braising mix is another highlight. We are producing a seasonal in house blended baby braising mix. This mix includes equal parts spinach, red and green chard, red mustard and tatsoi. Call today for a sample of this lovely mix!

ITEMS TO WATCH– Avocados- supply has suffered from cold weather in growing regions. A limited harvest has caused this market price to rise. Limes also have limited supply coming across the border, driving this market to be around 50$ for 200 ct lime cases. We are working strategically to keep the pricing low for these two items.

DEAL ALERTS– Zucchini is in plentiful supply and the current price reflects it. The case cost is under $1 per pound. We are also seeing a strong supply of Mexican asparagus. Case pricing for this item is under $3 per pound.

ARTISANAL CHEESE HIGHLIGHTS– Humboldt Fog from Cypress Grove and Point Reyes Bay Blue are back in stock. We are also working with Double 8 Dairy in bringing back their wonderful Jersey cow ricotta. Keep your eye out as we launch these programs again. Samples soon! Gruyere cheese is also in stock. The blocks average 4-5# each and are imported from Switzerland. Please reach out with any questions!

WILD FORAGED MUSHROOMS– Hedge hog, yellow foot, and black trumpets available this week by pre order. Orders due Tuesday for Friday morning delivery. Please direct orders to or call the office (510) 893-9010.

          Hedge Hog- $15 / LB

          Yellow Foot- $12 /LB

          Black Trumpet- $19 /LB

Please reach out with any questions!  Any orders please direct them to or call the office (510) 893-9010.