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Oils and Vinegar

Oils and Vinegar



C&L is proud to provide our customers with more than simply fruits and vegetables. We know there are many other necessary ingredients to pull off an unforgettable dish, which is why we are also stocking a great variety of oils and vinegar.

Oils available include:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Canola Fry Oil

Blended Oil

Truffle, Black Truffle

Lemon Olive Oil

Grape Seed


We are also directly sourcing these fantastic vinegar from Sonoma Vinegar Works, so we are able to provide an unbeatable price. Vinegar is as essential to food as salt; the balance between sweet and sour will surely elevate any dish!

Available by the gallon, we carry:

California Balsamic

Golden Balsamic

Apple Cider

Red Wine





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