We are excited to announce that we are now stocking vegan shredded mozzarella and vegan shredded cheddar cheesesas well as Calafia brand Almond milks! We also have access to a larger selection of other vegan and dairy alternative products such as cream cheese spreads (Chive, Original, Jalapeno), vegan mayonnaise, and barista blends of alternative milks (Soy, Vanilla Soy, Hemp, Hazelnut, and more!) among many other items. Vegan product brands we offer here are Daiya, Miyoko’s Kitchen, and Kite Hill.

These products are 100% plant based, free of dairy, eggs, gluten, peanuts, and soy. It is made using non-GMO ingredients. When cooked, it melts, stretches and browns like real dairy! 

In addition to great taste, these dairy alternative products offer improved sustainability and lessen our environmental impact-saving water and animal life. In addition, offering vegan options would undoubtedly attract a wider customer base!

For more information about the many vegan options available, contact us today!