We hope everyone is doing well. As we embark on the second half of spring, lots of great fruits and vegetables are here and more right around the corner. Here are some items that we would like to highlight for your menus for this week.

CALIFORNIA GROWN PRODUCTS: CHERRIES! Cherries are here and flavors are sweet. There are quite a few different varieties available, two that we currently have in stock are Gibraltar and coral champagne. We have had a great start to the cherry season with little rain and light winds. Stone fruit is also off and running. Flavors are getting better by the week. We currently have white and yellow peaches as well as white and yellow nectarines. All fruit is currently coming from the northern growing areas of Reedley, CA. We think the white peaches have the best flavor currently. Apricots also available!

TOP QUALITY HIGHLIGHTS: Peas from Solorio Farms in Watsonville, CA are in stock and surely are some of the best shelling peas out there. Great tasting fava beans and snap peas are also in stock! Make sure you get these spring wonders in the mix before the heat comes. We are looking forward to seeing local pole bean like blue lake, French and yellow wax all starting in Brentwood at Dwelly Farms in the next two weeks. Last call for local asparagus! We are winding down the local delta Asparagus season. Looks like about two weeks left of having this great item in stock. We will run with the northern California product from Durst Farms in Esparto, CA for about 3 more weeks as well. After that, supply will be picked up by product grown in Mexico. All varieties of berries are holding outstanding flavor. Grown locally in Watsonville and just a short ride to our coolers really helps the fruit to experience its full growing cycle and produce great sugar content. Sweet and juicy!

NEW IN STOCK: Mixed baby gem lettuce from Florescent Farms in Livermore started yesterday. We are packing out 12ct cases that include 3 different varieties of little gem lettuce. Full red, speckled red and green gem are making up the gorgeous mix lettuce. We have samples available to put this product in front of you, please take advantage of that as we think you will be really happy with this lettuce. By next week, we will be building our own baby mix lettuce boxes with Florescent Farms product as well. Stay tuned.

ITEMS TO WATCH: Brussels sprouts have hit a production gap. Many farms are in field gaps and supply is very limited. We will see pricing rise towards the end of the week and hold for about 10-14 days until more crops can be harvested. Corn is still being sourced from central California. Flavors and price are good but this is not the Brentwood grown product. Brentwood corn is due in June 10th– mark your calendars!

DEAL ALERTS : We have a supplier who needs help moving romaine hearts. This product is packed in cello bags, 15-3ct bags per case making up 25# of romaine per case. The case costs $14. The product is fresh and usable, they are just overstocked. Help us help our supplier find kitchens for this product before it must be turned to compost. Take advantage of the great price per pound on some good quality romaine hearts.

ARTISANAL CHEESE HIGHLIGHTS: Buffalo milk soft serve from Double 8 Dairy is ready for your machines! This base creates some of the most delicious, rich, creamy, flavor filled desserts we have tried. The buffalo milk gives it the magnificent flavor that is unmatched by other bases. Ask about the flavors we are carrying. Locally made in Petaluma, Andrew and his team are doing something special with the Buffalo and Jersey cow milk products and cheeses.