April 15, 2021

CALIFORNIA GROWN PRODUCTS: Spring onions are plentiful and quality is outstanding. We have stock of red and white from both Terra Firma Farms and Coke Farms. These local farms are sending great quality anise and leeks as well! Dyno kale has been thriving in the cool nights. The ideal growing conditions bring out the rich, nutty, and earthy flavor we know and love. Cauliflower is under way in California and we have both organic and conventional options to suit your menu. 

 TOP QUALITY HIGHLIGHTS:It is hard not to highlight asparagus again this week. We are well underway in this wonderful season and flavor, color and size are all at their peaks. Both an organic option from Durst Farms in Esparto, CA and conventional options from the delta growing area are fully stocked and ready to deliver! English peas have started at Durst farms. We have bulk 30# cases as well as the option for a 12-1# pack available upon pre order. They are packaged in recyclable containers and are great for a retail or grab and go option! 

NEW IN STOCK: We are excited to introduce a line of beans from Rancho Gordo. Currently we are stocking fantastic black, pinto and cranberry beans. Please call for a sample today! In addition, we are stocking Queso Salazar handmade cheeses. Current inventory includes Queso Fresco, Cotija and Oaxaca cheese. All options made fresh in Brentwood, CA.

ITEMS TO WATCH: As we alluded to earlier, iceberg lettuce has been experiencing a rocky start this season due to the low temperatures in the Salinas Valley. Some product has been showing signs of frost burn. We are seeing lighter than normal cases at the market, but we have sourced some nice quality lettuce to work with this week.  

DEAL ALERTS : To wrap up this wonderful local citrus season we have about 200# of Meyer lemons, priced at $1.50 per pound. These lemons sure have some great juice. Get the local stuff while supply lasts, soon we will be sourcing an Australian fruit. Pink lemons! This is a funky twist on your regular lemon. A pink blush to the skin and meat of the fruit is a perfect use for something different and fun on the plate or in a beverage! 

 ARTISANAL CHEESE HIGHLIGHTS: Midnight Moon from Cypress Grove Creamery is a cheese board MUST! This ivory-colored goat cheese has been aged six months. Its flavor profile consists of a nutty and brown buttery up front flavor followed by a long caramel finish. Yes please!